Wind Damage Repairs


Wind Damage Repairs

Protect Your Investment. Don’t Let Wind Damage Go Undetected!

Undetected wind damage to your property or roof can lead to structural damage, leaks and potential water damage. If you’ve experienced a tornado, severe rain, thunderstorm or hailstorm, it’s important to get your roof and property inspected by a certified contractor for wind damage assessment and repairs. Wind doesn’t have to be very strong to cause damage. Gusts of winds at 75 to 85 miles per hour can easily raise shingles and even remove them, as well as damage your siding, gutters, and windows.

Your property exterior is the first and last defense between you and the elements. During storm and wind events, wind speeds fluctuate and sometimes even change directions. If your roof, siding, windows and gutters are damaged, this will result in future leaks. It’s important to contact a restoration professional after a windstorm for a free roof and property inspection. Great Northern Builders (GNB) specializes in wind damage repairs throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin.

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