First Time Homeowner Spruces Up Interior

First Time Homeowner Spruces Up Interior

We were recently contacted by a young teacher who had just purchased her first home. Though she loved the outside of the home, the inside left something to be desired. Everything was extremely outdated and definitely not her style, so she decided to hire a kitchen and bathroom remodeler in Lake Elmo to change all that. We sent someone out for a free consultation right away.

As a new teacher, she didn’t have a huge budget for a renovation project, so she knew going in she was only interested in doing a room or two at a time. We toured the house with her and discussed what she wanted and what was realistic given her budget and time frame. We decided to go with a plan that would utilize our company’s talents as a kitchen remodeler and bathroom remodeler. The plan would involve remodeling, you guessed it, her kitchen and main floor bathroom.

The customer was very firm on her design ideas for each space. The current decorating was very kitschy and colorful; the customer wanted something minimalist, ideally solely in black and white. For the kitchen, we began by demoing everything. We decided to go with a shiny, jet-black tile for the floor. The faucet, light fixtures and knobs were also a shiny black. The countertops were a polished, pure white stone that fit seamlessly into the pure white cabinets. The walls were also white to give the room any airy, spacious feel.

The plan for the bathroom followed a similar design. This time however, the floors were white, made with a matte, white tile. The cabinets and countertops were also white, matching those of the kitchen. The sink we chose was a vessel sink made from a transparent black glass that popped against the cabinets. Finally, we decided on a toilet made from black porcelain and black fixtures for the rest of the space to match.

The final project was drastic change from the original vibrant decorating, but it was exactly what the young teacher wanted. We gave her information on the renovations to ensure everything was maintained properly. The customer loved what we’d done so far and promised to contact us in the future once she’d saved up more money. She was already dreaming of her basement remodeling and all the other projects for which she could hire us as a home remodeling contractor.